Hypnose - Montpellier


Our first session together will take place in 3 acts, first we will talk about what hypnosis is versus what most people think it is. We will then discuss and identify your personal goals, what you’d like to achieve, let go of or realign in your life. Together we will work on creating positive suggestions that resonates with you. Then you will relax laying down in a comfortable & supported position and I will walk you through a head to toe relaxation so you can slowly let go of your busy mind. Using imagery and visualizations I will guide you through a deeper state of relaxation,  this is when I will make the positive suggestions we’ve prepared together. Then, I will have you come back and at this point you might feel a bit sleepy for a few minutes as if you were waking up from a nap, and you will go on with your day, feeling more empowered & more grounded. During the following session I will check with you on how the process is going, and which areas of your life are being affected by our work together. We might work on new goals or on fine tuning initial ones.


Yes, while in hypnosis state you will remain completely aware and in control and won’t do anything against your moral or ethical beliefs that you would not do in a normal waking state. You will only accept suggestions you agree with and that support your goals. Therapeutic hypnosis is used to improve your health and well-being in a safe and trusty environment and your full cooperation is essential, it is very different from “stage hypnosis” that is used for entertainment purposes only. During hypnosis your mind will be very focused and you will remember everything that happens during the session.


Hypnosis is a fast and powerful way to make amazing changes. The more you practice self-hypnosis the deeper and more permanent the changes become. For that reason all sessions are recorded in a digital format and I highly suggest you to listen to it daily at home.

Note: Hypnosis is not a substitute for appropriate Psychological Services.  Mental health providers often give referrals to our services for many issues, and we refer you to seek Psychologists and Therapists when their services are most appropriate.