About me

Hypnose - Montpellier


Hypnotherapy was a journey of discovery for me and a life-changing experience. I hope it will be the same for you. I have enjoyed many of the benefits that therapeutic hypnosis offers and I am honored to support you today. It all started in my “old life” when I had become an “unhappy smoker”, a stressed and increasingly depressed mother. After failing many attempts to quit smoking, I sought the support of a hypnotherapist. Not only did I find myself quitting smoking without much effort, but soon afterward I realized that what I was going through during my hypnotherapy and EFT sessions were just the seeds of everything. happiness that I was going to experience during this new trip. I soon found myself having new desires and naturally quitting other mild habits like drinking coffee, drinking wine daily, and consuming processed sugars. I stopped overeating and replaced my bad eating habits with healthier ones, started exercising, I became much more active and in control of my life and as a result I am become a much happier person and a more patient mom. Happiness began to bloom in my life and this too because my perception had changed.



I am one of those who deeply believe that even though our past, childhood or entire life has been hurtful, we still have a choice today to either stay in that uncomfortable "comfort" zone or to venture some new path for some new experiences.


I will work with you in a caring, relaxing and stimulating environment to accompany you & help you reconnect with your inner being. Together, we will work to free limiting beliefs, traumas and improve your habits. I will guide you to go and find your own answers, because only you know what you really need. This process of exploration allows you to reveal what may have prevented you from implementing the changes that were so desired.



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