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This is your first step in getting more happiness in your life.

My name is Emeline Lannois, I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & EFT Practitioner. After living the last 20 years in San Francisco, I am now based in South of France.

I am pleased to offer my services online to my US based fellows.

I am looking forward to meet you via Zoom & to assist you on whatever is bringing you this way.

To all those that I will meet one day on the way,

I look forward to meeting you and working together towards your well-being.


Hypnotherapy was a journey of discovery for me and a life-changing experience. I hope it will be the same for you. I have enjoyed many of the benefits that therapeutic hypnosis offers and I am honored to support you today. It all started in my “old life” when I had become an “unhappy smoker”, a stressed and increasingly depressed mother. After failing many attempts to quit smoking, I sought the support of a hypnotherapist. Not only did I find myself quitting smoking without much effort, but soon afterward I realized that what I was going through during my hypnotherapy and EFT sessions were just the seeds of everything. happiness that I was going to experience during this new trip. I soon found myself having new desires and naturally quitting other mild addictions like drinking coffee, drinking wine daily, and consuming processed sugars. I stopped overeating and replaced my bad eating habits with healthier ones, started exercising, I became much more active and in control of my life and as a result I am become a much happier person and a more patient mom. Happiness began to bloom in my life and this too because my perception had changed.

I will work with you in a caring, relaxing and stimulating environment to accompany you & help you reconnect with your inner being. Together, we will work to free limiting beliefs, addictions and bad habits. I will guide you to go and find your own answers, because only you know what you really need. This process of exploration allows you to reveal what may have hitherto prevented you from implementing the changes that were so desired.


Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that allows you to access your own inner wisdom. In this state of mind, you put old beliefs and limitations on hold and allow yourself to make the changes you desire for yourself. It is a natural state that everyone has not only experienced many times in their life, but also every day. When we daydream, meditate, listen to relaxing music, or are immersed in a good movie, our brain waves go from the normal BETA arousal frequency to a slower ALPHA brain. It is the same state of relaxation that we go through when we enter and exit different levels of sleep.

Hypnosis is a state of deep calm and relaxation where the "monkey mind" will slowly fade away and be replaced by inner calm and joy. In this deeply relaxed state, our subconscious mind easily receives and accepts positive suggestions that will support the changes you really want to make in your life. Hypnosis will serve as a "reset button" for what will become new automatic behaviors.



Hypnosis has become recognized as one of the safest and most effective approaches to gently dealing with many unwanted behavior. It can be used to reduce stress and anxiety by bringing you closer to a much more harmonious and relaxed state. It can also help you quit smoking or lose weight by giving you the tools you need to control cravings without much effort. It can increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love, which will make you a better person and help you approach life, relationships, and projects with new eyes.


Stop smoking

Lose Weight by improving eating habits

Overcoming bad habit & Addictions

Panic attacks & Anxiety

Stress relief & Management

Motivation, Career change & Achieving Success

Overcoming procrastination & Organization

Anger management & Relaxation techniques

Overcoming fears & Phobias

Releasing grief from death, loss & break ups

Relationship support & Issues of the past

Increase Self-confidence, Self-esteem & Self-love

Removing creativity block & Increasing creativity

Overcoming stage fright & Fear of public speaking

Improving study habits & Releasing test anxiety

Removing negativity

Connecting to higher self

If your issue or concern is not listed above, contact us to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you.



"Cela m'a donné force et confiance."

"Je suis allée voir Emeline après de très graves problèmes de santé. J'ai été profondément perturbée par les événements tragiques que j'ai vécus, très anxieuse et je craignais la nouvelle intervention chirurgicale à venir. Emeline m'a aidée à surmonter mes angoisses et à me préparer à cette opération." Après deux séances avec Emeline, je me suis sentie apaisée et plus sereine. J'étais prête à affronter le reste de mon traitement. Elle m'a donné les enregistrements de nos séances et je les ai écoutés avant et après ma nouvelle chirurgie. Cela m'a donné force et confiance. Cela m'a beaucoup plus aidé que n'importe quel médicament anxiolytique ou analgésique. Étant moi-même médecin, j'ai pu apprécier doublement la puissance de cette technique et je la recommande vivement à tous ceux qui pensent en avoir besoin. Je remercie Emeline pour sa précieuse aide. et un soutien aimable.

Caroline A. ~ San Francisco, Californie


Taking your first step towards hypnotherapy is courageous, it will bring much more that you can expect.

You can either call me or email me if you need more information about my practice or to make your first appointment.

I look forward to meet you in person and to hear more about your needs.


  RATES in US$



Single session  $75  

  Initial   ~  up to 90 Minutes Session 

Includes designing goals,

discussion of issues, hypnosis, and post-hypnosis discussion


Return  ~  up to 60 Minutes Session

Discussion on changes since the prior session,

discussion of work to be conducted, and hypnosis.

  ~ Just like any therapy, your full commitment is required for greater success ~


By booking your session, you agree to give a 48-hour advanced notice for any cancellation or rescheduling.


Get in touch today the way you are most comfortable with:

send an email: seedsofhappinesshypno@gmail.com

or leave a voicemail on What's APP: +33 6 33 57 91 68

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